If you need to have a young looking skin then you need to establish a daily routine of skin care involving moisturizers, applying cleansers and sunscreen to maintain your skin health. Eating food enriched with vitamin E and antioxidants like almonds and berries reduces signs of stress and aging. The use of anti-aging products such as retinoid serums and creams and exfoliating twice a week creates a younger looking skin. Below are more tips that will enable you to maintain a younger looking skin.

Regular Exercise

exerciseApart from toning your muscles and trimming your waistline, exercise promotes healthier skin. It increases your blood flow enabling the blood cell to remove waste while also distributing energy and vital nutrients to the working cells. Skin cell usually benefits from this exchange when blood cells bring nutrients involving collagen production and oxygen to skin cells. Exercise also cleanses and firms the skin from inside.

Stress Management

The feeling of anxiousness and stress ages the skin, experiencing anxiety and persistence stress leads to cortisol production an inflammatory hormone which cases collagen break down. Cortisol also causes irritation, redness and skin breakouts.

To manage stress try to relax by participating in yoga, deep breathing, and progressive relaxation. To prevent the stress side effects on your skin you need to increase your antioxidants consumption by eating oranges, leafy greens, and blueberries.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep enables your body to function well. By depriving yourself of enough sleep your body prioritizes its function on energy conservation. It is not an essential function for the body to maintain a vibrant healthy skin. An adequate sleep should take 6 to 10 hours of a nights slumber. If you are struggling with lack of sleep increase your relaxing elements like hot bath and exercise in your nightly routine should do the trick.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Your skin health is highly impacted by the food you eat. Salty, fatty, processed foods and sweets break collagen down to elastin which causes wrinkles, dry and saggy skin. Increasing your consumption of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals reduces swelling and decreases breakout risk while increasing the elasticity and vibrancy of skin. Instead of processed grains eat whole grains and opt to eat sweet in-season berries rich in antioxidant instead of a caddy. Eat salmon rich in omega-3 and fatty acids and almonds enriched with vitamin E. monounsaturated fats are a good option compared to a bag of chips.

Avoid dehydration

avoid dehydrationFailing to consume an adequate amount of water daily prevents your organs from functioning properly. Despite skin being the largest body organ it often receives water last. Skin dehydration causes irritation, tightness dryness, and flakiness of the skin. Instead of the usually recommended 8 glasses of water, doctors are now recommending drinking an ounce or a half of water per pound daily.

Reduce Alcohol and Avoid Smoking

Drinking alcohol, and cigarettes smoking ages the skin. Smoking causes the breakdown of collagen and also decreases its production. Failure to replace broken down collagen causes wrinkles. Smoking also prevents blood circulation cutting your skin cells from adequate nutrients and oxygen

Alcohol consumption causes skin dehydration always drink plenty of water while taking alcohol. The above factors will help you to maintain a younger and radiant skin taking good care of your body will reward you with a glowing skin…