7 Important Tips to Know About Depression

You might have experienced downtime sometime in your life. However, if the emotions like despair or hopelessness overpower you, then it becomes a depression. It can affect the quality of your life if not dealt as soon as possible. But you should know about depression before dealing with the depression of any person. If you want to deal with the depression of your loved ones, then you should go through important tips to know about depression more precisely.

idual, but it can be recognized with the help of stg2e6dy72ue8di29io292ome commonly observed symptoms and signs. But while understanding these symptoms and signs, you should keep in mind that they are usually observed during low times of normal life. The effect of depression can be stronger and long lasting if you have more numbers of symptoms.

Tips to recognize depression

Feeling of hopelessness and helplessness: It looks like you cannot do anything to improve your condition or to make the things better for you.

Loss of curiosity to do daily chores

You stop caring about your hobbies, sex as well as pastime social activities as your ability to feel enjoyment and happiness are also lost due to depression.

Change in weight and appetite

Your weight and eating habits change significantly during last few weeks. If the change is more than 5%, then it can be a matter of serious concern.

Change in sleeping habit

The symptoms of oversleeping, waking up in early morning hours or insomnia are observed in the patients with depression.

Irritability and anger

The depressed people usually get irritated, violent and restless very soon. They get short tempered as their tolerance level gets very low.

Energy loss

They usually feel sluggish, physically drained and fatigued even after least exertion. They take a longer time to complete a task than other healthy people as they feel that their entire body has become heavier than ever.


Normallhnjm2wed6t26ey72u28i2y people do not criticize themselves harshly even for their faults, but depressed people criticize themselves harshly for their mistakes due to a strong feeling of guilt or worthlessness in them. Depressed people behave like escapists and get engaged in irresponsible activities like compulsive gambling, substance abuse, dangerous sports and reckless driving. People feel problem in making a decision, remembering things or focusing problem when they are depressed.

Thus these important tips to know about depression can help in dealing with the problem of your patient better than earlier.