Adventurous activities for a healthy lifestyle

We all want to live healthy lives. However, we rarely engage in adventurous activities that add value to our health. We want to stick to the tried and tested adventures that do not make us feel tired. Here, I will highlight a few adventurous activities for a healthy lifestyle

Mountain hiking

dssdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdffgdfgHiking is an adventurous activity that helps you kill several birds with a single stone. To begin with, hiking high mountains is a personal achievement. Secondly, hiking helps you exercise. You burn calories as you walk through the meandering rocky paths towards the peak of the mountain.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the most popular water sports in the world today. It involves diving underwater using a scuba to breathe. As you would expect, one of the most important health benefits of scuba diving is an improvement in the breathing process. Proper breathing is essential in maintaining proper health. On top of aiding in breathing, scuba diving also enhances flexibility, lowers blood pressure and keeps one as fit as a fiddle.


ssaasdasdasdghfghWhen you go fishing, don’t just think of the fish. Think of how fishing improves your health. Fishing is more of a sport than an income generating activity. It keeps you healthy throughout your life. For instance, it gives you full body strength. As you fish, you exercise the arms, the leg, the back and core muscles. At the end of the day, it is a full-body workout. Fishing in the sun also helps you trap vitamin D from the sun, which is good for your health. It also helps you to be a better person in general. It teaches you the importance of self-reliance and patience, among other virtues.

Horse racing

There are weight limitations for jockeys. Perhaps we should begin there. You can’t ride a horse if you are obese. And, as you lose weight to meet the weight requirement of horse racing, you are improving your overall health. You will have to maintain this weight at this level for you to continue riding horses. This means that you will have to live a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, horse racing has several mental benefits including exercising your brain, fine-tuning of the body-mind awareness and enhancing concentration levels.


dssdfsdfsdfrtertPolo is one of the most adventurous sports activities in the modern world. It is a fully-fledged team sport that requires a referee and two teams of 4 players each. Each team drives a small ball into the goal of the opposing team to score. It is played on horsebacks. This means that the player enjoys both the health benefits of being a jockey and those of being a sportsman. As you would expect, you need to maintain your weight at an acceptable level for you to continue playing this game.

Weight check aside, polo has several other health benefits. Precisely, it boosts your balance and motor function. It also conditions your muscles and keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay. Overall, if you are a polo player, living a healthy lifestyle is inevitable.…